Type: Gene

URI: biolink:Gene





Identifier prefixes

  • NCBIGene
  • HGNC
  • MGI
  • ZFIN
  • dictyBase
  • WB
  • SGD
  • PomBase


  • is_a: GeneOrGeneProduct - a union of genes or gene products. Frequently an identifier for one will be used as proxy for another

Referenced by class


Inherited from macromolecular machine:

Inherited from named thing:

  • id REQ
    • Description: A unique identifier for a thing. Must be either a CURIE shorthand for a URI or a complete URI
    • range: IdentifierType
    • inherited from: NamedThing
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)
  • name REQ
    • Description: A human-readable name for a thing
    • range: LabelType
    • inherited from: NamedThing
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)
  • category 1..*
    • Description: Name of the high level ontology class in which this entity is categorized. Corresponds to the label for the biolink entity type class. In a neo4j database this MAY correspond to the neo4j label tag
    • range: IriType
    • inherited from: NamedThing
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)

Inherited from thing with taxon:

Domain for slot:

  • gene associated with condition 0..*
    • Description: holds between a gene and a disease or phenotypic feature that the gene or its alleles/products may influence, contribute to, or correlate with
    • range: DiseaseOrPhenotypicFeature
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)
  • genetically interacts with 0..*
    • Description: holds between two genes whose phenotypic effects are dependent on each other in some way - such that their combined phenotypic effects are the result of some interaction between the activity of their gene products. Examples include epistasis and synthetic lethality.
    • range: Gene
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)
  • has gene product 0..*
    • Description: holds between a gene and a transcribed and/or translated product generated from it
    • range: GeneProduct
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)

Other properties

Aliases:   locus
Mappings:   SO:0000704