Biolink modeling language

This project is maintained by biolink

This folder contains a FOL specification of the biolinkml semantics.

The semantics are specified by the rules in This rules operate over a set of ground predicates such as is_a/2, class/1, which are generated from a biolinkml yaml file using gen-lp, e.g.:

pipenv run python3 biolinkml/generators/ tests/test_biolink_model/yaml/biolink-model.yaml > semantics/tests/

See semantics/tests/ for an example.

The rules can be used with any logic programming system. NAF or WFS both fine (TODO: check this claim). The rules are stratified such that SLD resolution/backtracking can be used if preferred.

For convenience, wrappers for swi-prolog are provided. To run these you will need to install swi-prolog (v8 series) and to be on a system with shell.

We include tests both as a means to validate the semantics and the biolink model, but also as examples of the intended semantics of biolinkml.

To run a test you can use the Makefile, from this repo run:

make test-subclass_of

Substituting subclass_of with the name of the test.

TODO: instructions on how to validate