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Release Instructions

Use the following guidelines for making a new release for Biolink Model.

Before making a release, be sure to check that all tests on master branch are running properly.

Determine the nature of the release

Identify whether the release is either a Major release, Minor release or a Patch release.

This can be determined by investigating what changed between the previous release tag and the latest commit on the master branch.

Update the version in biolink-model.yaml to reflect the new release (if not already up-to-date).

Commit the changes to master branch.

Wait for all the artifacts to be regenerated.

Update changelog

Update ChangeLog and add the changes that are part of this release.

Commit the changes to master branch.

Update with new version

Update to capture the new version.

Commit the changes to master branch.

Draft a new release

Go to GitHub Releases and draft a new release.

Be sure to add the changes from the ChangeLog to the description of the release.

Keep the latest branch up to date with the release branch

Checkout master Pull any updates merge master into ‘latest’ branch Push latest branch

Releasing on PyPI

To ensure this is successful, make sure you have relevant permissions to biolink-model package on PyPI.

Also, be sure to install twine and wheel

Now, run the following commands:

rm -rf dist/
python sdist bdist_wheel
twine upload --repository-url --username PYPI_USERNAME dist/*