The Information Resource Registry (infores) data model

An information resource is defined as a web-accessible resource that provides data. An InformationResource (designated by its identifier in curie form, e.g. ‘infores:monarch-intiative’) is a Biolink Model class that provides a standard way to identify and describe information resources. The InformationResource class details can be found here: information-resource.yaml and contains the following properties:

Modifying an existing Information Resource entry in the registry:

Making changes to the registry MUST be done via pull requests to the biolink-model github repository. Any of the fields in an Information Resource entry can be modified, but the id field MUST not be changed. If the id field is changed, it MUST be treated as a new entry and the old entry MUST be deprecated.

Adding a new Information Resource entry to the registry:

Adding a new entry to the registry is as easy as adding a stanza to the information-resource.yaml file in the biolink-model repository and submitting the change via pull request in the repository. Alternatively, making a ticket for a new resource in the biolink-model github repository will also work.

Minting new Information Resource identifiers:

The following is an example of a new entry in the information-resource.yaml file:

- id: infores:my-new-resource
  name: My New Resource
  description: This is a new resource
  status: released

Removing an infores stanza from the registry:

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the applications that use the Information Resource Registry identifiers downstream, we will not be removing entries from the registry. But, if an information resource is no longer available, we will mark it as deprecated in the registry and downstream applications (like the Biolink Model Toolkit) will no longer serve deprecated Information Resources from their methods.