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Slot: subject

a sequence variant in which the allele state is associated with some other entity

URI: biolink:variant_to_entity_association_mixin_subject

Domain and Range

VariantToEntityAssociationMixin1..1 SequenceVariant



Used by

Other properties

Local names:   annotation subject (ga4gh)
    node with outgoing relationship (neo4j)
Mappings:   rdf:subject
Examples:   Example(value=’CLINVAR:38077’, description=’CLINVAR representation of NM_000059.3(BRCA2):c.7007G>A (p.Arg2336His)’, object=None)
    Example(value=’ClinGen:CA024716’, description=’chr13:g.32921033G>C (hg19) in ClinGen’, object=None)
Exact Mappings:   owl:annotatedSource