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Class: gene_or_gene_product_or_chemical_entity_aspect_enum

URI: biolink:gene_or_gene_product_or_chemical_entity_aspect_enum

Other properties

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Permissible Values

Text Description Meaning Other Information
activity or abundance Used in cases where the specificity of the relationship can not be determined to be either activity or abundance. In general, a more specific value from this enumeration should be used.    
abundance     {‘is_a’: ‘activity or abundance’}
activity     {‘is_a’: ‘activity or abundance’}
expression     {‘is_a’: ‘abundance’}
synthesis     {‘is_a’: ‘abundance’}
degradation     {‘is_a’: ‘abundance’}
cleavage     {‘is_a’: ‘degradation’}
hydrolysis     {‘is_a’: ‘degradation’}
metabolic processing      
mutation rate      
secretion     {‘is_a’: ‘transport’}
uptake     {‘is_a’: ‘transport’}
molecular modification      
acetylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
acylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
alkylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
amination     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
carbamoylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
ethylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
glutathionylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
glycation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
glycosylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
glucuronidation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
N-linked glycosylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
O-linked glycosylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
hydroxylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
lipidation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
farnesylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
geranoylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
myristoylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
palmitoylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
prenylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
methylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
nitrosation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
nucleotidylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
phosphorylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
ribosylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
ADP-ribosylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
sulfation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
sumoylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
ubiquitination     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
oxidation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
reduction     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}
carboxylation     {‘is_a’: ‘molecular modification’}