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Slot: form_or_variant_qualifier


A qualifier that composes with a core subject/object concept to define a specific type, variant, alternative version of this concept. The composed concept remains a subtype or instance of the core concept. For example, the qualifier ‘mutation’ combines with the core concept ‘Gene X’ to express the compose concept ‘a mutation of Gene X’.

URI: biolink:form_or_variant_qualifier

Domain and Range

Association -> 0..1 String



Used by

Other properties

Examples:   Example(value=’mutation’, description=None, object=None)
    Example(value=’late stage’, description=None, object=None)
    Example(value=’severe’, description=None, object=None)
    Example(value=’transplant’, description=None, object=None)
    Example(value=’chemical analog’, description=None, object=None)
In Subsets:   translator_minimal