Type: Zygosity

URI: biolink:Zygosity


![img](;dir:TB/class/[Genotype]-%20has%20zygosity%200..1%3E[Zygosity id(i):string;name(i):label_type;category(i):category_type%20%2B],[Attribute]%5E-[Zygosity],[QuantityValue],[OntologyClass],[NamedThing],[Genotype],[Attribute])


  • is_a: Attribute - A property or characteristic of an entity. For example, an apple may have properties such as color, shape, age, crispiness. An environmental sample may have attributes such as depth, lat, long, material.

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Inherited from named thing:

  • id REQ
    • Description: A unique identifier for a thing. Must be either a CURIE shorthand for a URI or a complete URI
    • range: String
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)
  • name REQ
    • Description: A human-readable name for a thing
    • range: LabelType
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)
  • category 1..*
    • Description: Name of the high level ontology class in which this entity is categorized. Corresponds to the label for the biolink entity type class. In a neo4j database this MAY correspond to the neo4j label tag
    • range: CategoryType
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)

Other properties

Mappings:   GENO:0000133