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Class: SubjectOfInvestigation

An entity that has the role of being studied in an investigation, study, or experiment

URI: biolink:SubjectOfInvestigation


Mixin for

  • Case (mixin) - An individual (human) organism that has a patient role in some clinical context.
  • CellLine (mixin)
  • CellularOrganism (mixin)
  • Cohort (mixin) - A group of people banded together or treated as a group who share common characteristics. A cohort ‘study’ is a particular form of longitudinal study that samples a cohort, performing a cross-section at intervals through time.
  • IndividualOrganism (mixin) - An instance of an organism. For example, Richard Nixon, Charles Darwin, my pet cat. Example ID: ORCID:0000-0002-5355-2576
  • MaterialSample (mixin) - A sample is a limited quantity of something (e.g. an individual or set of individuals from a population, or a portion of a substance) to be used for testing, analysis, inspection, investigation, demonstration, or trial use. [SIO]
  • OrganismalEntity (mixin) - A named entity that is either a part of an organism, a whole organism, population or clade of organisms, excluding chemical entities
  • PopulationOfIndividualOrganisms (mixin) - A collection of individuals from the same taxonomic class distinguished by one or more characteristics. Characteristics can include, but are not limited to, shared geographic location, genetics, phenotypes.
  • Virus (mixin) - A virus is a microorganism that replicates itself as a microRNA and infects the host cell.

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