Type: PhysicalEntity

An entity that has physical properties such as mass, volume, or charge

URI: biolink:PhysicalEntity



  • is_a: NamedThing - a databased entity or concept/class

Mixin for

  • AnatomicalEntity (mixin) - A subcellular location, cell type or gross anatomical part
  • MaterialSample (mixin) - A sample is a limited quantity of something (e.g. an individual or set of individuals from a population, or a portion of a substance) to be used for testing, analysis, inspection, investigation, demonstration, or trial use. [SIO]
  • MolecularEntity (mixin) - A gene, gene product, small molecule or macromolecule (including protein complex)

Referenced by class


Inherited from named thing:

  • id REQ
    • Description: A unique identifier for a thing. Must be either a CURIE shorthand for a URI or a complete URI
    • range: String
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)
  • name REQ
    • Description: A human-readable name for a thing
    • range: LabelType
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)
  • category 1..*
    • Description: Name of the high level ontology class in which this entity is categorized. Corresponds to the label for the biolink entity type class. In a neo4j database this MAY correspond to the neo4j label tag
    • range: CategoryType
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)