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Class: GenomicEntity

URI: biolink:GenomicEntity



  • is_a: ThingWithTaxon - A mixin that can be used on any entity that can be taxonomically classified. This includes individual organisms; genes, their products and other molecular entities; body parts; biological processes

Mixin for

  • Gene (mixin) - A region (or regions) that includes all of the sequence elements necessary to encode a functional transcript. A gene locus may include regulatory regions, transcribed regions and/or other functional sequence regions.
  • Genome (mixin) - A genome is the sum of genetic material within a cell or virion.
  • GenomicBackgroundExposure (mixin) - A genomic background exposure is where an individual’s specific genomic background of genes, sequence variants or other pre-existing genomic conditions constitute a kind of ‘exposure’ to the organism, leading to or influencing an outcome.
  • Genotype (mixin) - An information content entity that describes a genome by specifying the total variation in genomic sequence and/or gene expression, relative to some established background
  • Haplotype (mixin) - A set of zero or more Alleles on a single instance of a Sequence[VMC]
  • NucleicAcidEntity (mixin) - A nucleic acid entity is a molecular entity characterized by availability in gene databases of nucleotide-based sequence representations of its precise sequence; for convenience of representation, partial sequences of various kinds are included.
  • ReagentTargetedGene (mixin) - A gene altered in its expression level in the context of some experiment as a result of being targeted by gene-knockdown reagent(s) such as a morpholino or RNAi.
  • SequenceVariant (mixin) - An allele that varies in its sequence from what is considered the reference allele at that locus.

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Inherited from thing with taxon:

  • in taxon 0..*
    • Description: connects an entity to its taxonomic classification. Only certain kinds of entities can be taxonomically classified; see ‘thing with taxon’
    • Range: OrganismTaxon
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)

Other properties

In Subsets:   translator_minimal
Narrow Mappings:   STY:T028