Class: GenomicBackgroundExposure

A genomic background exposure is where an individual’s specific genomic background of genes, sequence variants or other pre-existing genomic conditions constitute a kind of ‘exposure’ to the organism, leading to or influencing an outcome.

URI: biolink:GenomicBackgroundExposure


Uses Mixins

  • mixin: ExposureEvent - A (possibly time bounded) incidence of a feature of the environment of an organism that influences one or more phenotypic features of that organism, potentially mediated by genes
  • mixin: GeneGroupingMixin - any grouping of multiple genes or gene products
  • mixin: PhysicalEssence - Semantic mixin concept. Pertains to entities that have physical properties such as mass, volume, or charge.
  • mixin: GenomicEntity
  • mixin: OntologyClass - a concept or class in an ontology, vocabulary or thesaurus. Note that nodes in a biolink compatible KG can be considered both instances of biolink classes, and OWL classes in their own right. In general you should not need to use this class directly. Instead, use the appropriate biolink class. For example, for the GO concept of endocytosis (GO:0006897), use bl:BiologicalProcess as the type.


Inherited from exposure event:

Inherited from gene grouping mixin:

Inherited from genomic entity:

Inherited from thing with taxon:

  • in taxon 0..*
    • Description: connects an entity to its taxonomic classification. Only certain kinds of entities can be taxonomically classified; see ‘thing with taxon’
    • Range: OrganismTaxon
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)