Class: GeneProductMixin

The functional molecular product of a single gene locus. Gene products are either proteins or functional RNA molecules.

URI: biolink:GeneProductMixin


Identifier prefixes

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  • gtpo
  • PR


  • is_a: GeneOrGeneProduct - A union of gene loci or gene products. Frequently an identifier for one will be used as proxy for another


  • GeneProductIsoformMixin - This is an abstract class that can be mixed in with different kinds of gene products to indicate that the gene product is intended to represent a specific isoform rather than a canonical or reference or generic product. The designation of canonical or reference may be arbitrary, or it may represent the superclass of all isoforms.

Mixin for

  • RNAProduct (mixin)
  • Protein (mixin) - A gene product that is composed of a chain of amino acid sequences and is produced by ribosome-mediated translation of mRNA

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Inherited from macromolecular machine mixin:

  • macromolecular machine mixin➞name 0..1
    • Description: genes are typically designated by a short symbol and a full name. We map the symbol to the default display name and use an additional slot for full name
    • Range: SymbolType
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal,samples)

Other properties

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