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Class: GeneProductIsoformMixin

This is an abstract class that can be mixed in with different kinds of gene products to indicate that the gene product is intended to represent a specific isoform rather than a canonical or reference or generic product. The designation of canonical or reference may be arbitrary, or it may represent the superclass of all isoforms.

URI: biolink:GeneProductIsoformMixin



  • is_a: GeneProductMixin - The functional molecular product of a single gene locus. Gene products are either proteins or functional RNA molecules.

Mixin for

  • RNAProductIsoform (mixin) - Represents a protein that is a specific isoform of the canonical or reference RNA
  • NucleosomeModification (mixin) - A chemical modification of a histone protein within a nucleosome octomer or a substitution of a histone with a variant histone isoform. e.g. Histone 4 Lysine 20 methylation (H4K20me), histone variant H2AZ substituting H2A.
  • PosttranslationalModification (mixin) - A chemical modification of a polypeptide or protein that occurs after translation. e.g. polypeptide cleavage to form separate proteins, methylation or acetylation of histone tail amino acids, protein ubiquitination.
  • ProteinIsoform (mixin) - Represents a protein that is a specific isoform of the canonical or reference protein. See

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Inherited from gene product mixin:

  • xref 0..*
    • Description: Alternate CURIEs for a thing
    • Range: Uriorcurie
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)

Inherited from macromolecular machine mixin:

  • name 0..1
    • Description: A human-readable name for an attribute or entity.
    • Range: LabelType
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal,samples)