Type: GeneProduct

The functional molecular product of a single gene. Gene products are either proteins or functional RNA molecules

URI: biolink:GeneProduct


![img](;dir:TB/class/[Protein],[OrganismTaxon],[GeneToGeneProductRelationship],[GeneProductIsoform],[GeneToGeneProductRelationship]-%20object%201..1%3E[GeneProduct name(i):symbol_type;has_biological_sequence(i):biological_sequence%20%3F;id(i):string;category(i):category_type%20%2B],[GeneProduct]%5E-[Protein],[GeneProduct]%5E-[GeneProductIsoform],[GeneProduct]%5E-[RNAProduct],[GeneOrGeneProduct]%5E-[GeneProduct],[GeneOrGeneProduct],[Gene],[RNAProduct])

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  • is_a: GeneOrGeneProduct - a union of genes or gene products. Frequently an identifier for one will be used as proxy for another


  • RNAProduct
  • GeneProductIsoform - This is an abstract class that can be mixed in with different kinds of gene products to indicate that the gene product is intended to represent a specific isoform rather than a canonical or reference or generic product. The designation of canonical or reference may be arbitrary, or it may represent the superclass of all isoforms.
  • Protein - A gene product that is composed of a chain of amino acid sequences and is produced by ribosome-mediated translation of mRNA

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