Class: DrugExposure

A drug exposure is an intake of a particular drug.

URI: biolink:DrugExposure



  • is_a: ChemicalExposure - A chemical exposure is an intake of a particular chemical entity.

Uses Mixins

  • mixin: ExposureEvent - A (possibly time bounded) incidence of a feature of the environment of an organism that influences one or more phenotypic features of that organism, potentially mediated by genes


  • DrugToGeneInteractionExposure - drug to gene interaction exposure is a drug exposure is where the interactions of the drug with specific genes are known to constitute an ‘exposure’ to the organism, leading to or influencing an outcome.

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Other properties

Aliases:   drug intake
    drug dose
    medication intake
Exact Mappings:   ECTO:0000509
Broad Mappings:   SIO:001005