Class: ClinicalCourse

The course a disease typically takes from its onset, progression in time, and eventual resolution or death of the affected individual

URI: biolink:ClinicalCourse




  • Onset - The age group in which (disease) symptom manifestations appear

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Inherited from attribute:

  • has attribute type REQ
    • Description: connects an attribute to a class that describes it
    • range: OntologyClass
    • in subsets: (samples)
  • has quantitative value 0..*
    • Description: connects an attribute to a value
    • range: QuantityValue
    • in subsets: (samples)
  • has qualitative value OPT
    • Description: connects an attribute to a value
    • range: NamedThing
    • in subsets: (samples)
  • attribute➞name OPT
    • Description: The human-readable ‘attribute name’ can be set to a string which reflects its context of interpretation, e.g. SEPIO evidence/provenance/confidence annotation or it can default to the name associated with the ‘has attribute type’ slot ontology term.
    • range: LabelType

Inherited from resource mixin:

  • iri OPT
    • Description: An IRI for the node. This is determined by the id using expansion rules.
    • range: IriType
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal,samples)
  • name OPT
    • Description: A human-readable name for a thing
    • range: LabelType
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal,samples)
  • source OPT
    • Description: a lightweight analog to the association class ‘has provider’ slot, which is the string name, or the authoritative (i.e. database) namespace, designating the origin of the entity to which the slot belongs.
    • range: LabelType
    • in subsets: (translator_minimal)

Other properties

Exact Mappings:   HP:0031797