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Class: ChemicalEntityOrGeneOrGeneProduct

A union of chemical entities and children, and gene or gene product. This mixin is helpful to use when searching across chemical entities that must include genes and their children as chemical entities.

URI: biolink:ChemicalEntityOrGeneOrGeneProduct


Mixin for

  • ChemicalEntity (mixin) - A chemical entity is a physical entity that pertains to chemistry or biochemistry.
  • Gene (mixin) - A region (or regions) that includes all of the sequence elements necessary to encode a functional transcript. A gene locus may include regulatory regions, transcribed regions and/or other functional sequence regions.
  • GeneFamily (mixin) - any grouping of multiple genes or gene products related by common descent
  • Polypeptide (mixin) - A polypeptide is a molecular entity characterized by availability in protein databases of amino-acid-based sequence representations of its precise primary structure; for convenience of representation, partial sequences of various kinds are included, even if they do not represent a physical molecule.
  • ProteinDomain (mixin) - A conserved part of protein sequence and (tertiary) structure that can evolve, function, and exist independently of the rest of the protein chain. Protein domains maintain their structure and function independently of the proteins in which they are found. e.g. an SH3 domain.
  • ProteinFamily (mixin)

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